Changes are coming to our services.....

Over the past 2 years we have been fortunate enough to provide wholesale prices to more than 2500 customers. As much as we are grateful for the business it's been brought to our attention that about half of our customers are one time purchasers. This means to us that we are not providing a service to the audience we initially intended. 
It seems that our goal to help out other small businesses has resulted in many people cutting out the middle man and buying from us directly resulting in a lot of small businesses losing out of potential orders. Starting in the new year (2022) Essential Blanks will no longer be offering services to individuals. Our sister company Say Things With Swag will offer all of the same products at retail prices for individuals without a business and wholesale prices for those with a registered business. Exceptions will be made on a  case by case basis for those of you who are running a business but have not yet registered. 

Nothing will change until January 1st of 2022 so until then, anyone can  still order from us here at Essential Blanks. We hope this will help our fellow business owners while helping us streamline our two businesses into one website. We are currently making changes to our STWS website every day and still have far to  go so please bare with us while we make this transition. 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact via email essentialblanks@gmail.com
Janelle and the rest of the EB staff