*Due to the covid19 impact - arrival times can vary. ALL PRE ORDER ITEMS ARE FINAL SALE ONCE ORDER IS PLACED

Shipping Info


You have a few options for shipping:

Canada Post

Flat rate Courier

Provide your own label

Free shipping if your purchase is above $300 BEFORE taxes

Most often, we ship via Canada Post Expedited Parcel. Shipping rates are calculated at the time of check out. *Please* pay your shipping at the checkout. This saves quite a substantial amount of time, and prevents your package from being delayed while we wait for you to pay your shipping invoice. If you are overcharged, a refund will be issued for the difference. If you elect not to pay shipping at the checkout and instead require us to invoice you, you will be charged an administration charge of $2, in addition to your shipping payment. 

At this time we ship to Canada and the United States. 


Our policies state that we will have all items shipped within 1 week of order placement, if the product that is available/in stock.

We do our best to have all orders of ready to ship items shipped out within one business day, Monday through Friday excluding holidays. Orders placed on the weekend may take until Wednesday to be shipped out. HOWEVER, it may take one week to ship your order. Why? There are certain times when we get swamped with orders, and while we do call in extra help to pack orders on those times, it usually takes some time to catch up.

Please anticipate any RTS (ready to ship) item will not ship for ONE WEEK after order placement, just to be safe. Our aim is to avoid this at all costs, however, it does happen from time to time. 

For items that are pre-purchased as part of a buy-in, they will ship out within 2-3 business days once they arrive. We aim to get these out within 1 business day, but that is not always possible for huge orders.


Shipping to you takes between 1-9 business days, depending on where you are in Canada. Those in the GTA generally take 1 business day, but those in far ends of the country it can take longer. 


Why yes, of course. Simply log into your account and see if your order has been shipped. If you do not use accounts, check your email. If your order is still here and has not been shipped, simply check out and choose a free option for shipping (specifically the one that says you have a current open order and have already paid shipping). As long as your package won't reach the next weight threshold then you won't be charged any extra fees. If your combined orders require a bit more shipping fees we will reach out to you to pay the difference or just send you an invoice. 

If your order has a tracking number associated with it, it’s unfortunately too late to combine shipping. 


Yes, we do offer to pay for shipping IF your order is $300 or more prior to taxes and within Canada. This does not include combined orders unless your initial order was more than $300. Also, is not applicable to United States at this time. 


If you are not familiar with the process of providing your own label we suggest that you search 'Snap Ship' through Canada Post or watch a few YouTube videos as it will explain the process. You are also welcome o use a courier service but please make the pick up time between 10:00 and 4:00 on weekdays. 

Once your order is packaged and ready to ship we will email you the dimensions and weight of your order so that you can EMAIL us a copy of your shipping label. It CANNOT be a photo of your label as it must be of high quality so we can print it.  The best option is to forward us the link that the shipping provider sends to you. Our email is essentialblanks@gmail.com